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Once upon a time, there was a webmaster wanna-be Dwayne Wiener working for a company Techno-funky Gadgets, Inc. Dwayne was in charge of the company’s website: responsible for keeping information current, maintaining lists of products and services, posting specials and press releases, and updating the portfolio.

Dwayne was not very happy because every little update to the website had to be done by web designers, who were always late and charged a lot of money. As a result of that, the website was outdated, stagnant and non-performing.

Dwayne Wiener

“There must be another way!” Dwayne thought in despair. This is how Dwayne found In-Portal Content Management System that puts companies back in control of their websites. The Content Management System (or CMS) allows companies to maintain and update their websites in-house, allowing for a more efficient delivery of critical information, and reducing operating costs of the website.

Dwayne equipped the company’s website with the In-Portal CMS, allowing Dwayne and other personnel at Techno-funky Gadgets to make updates to the website at their convenience. First Dwayne was worried that updating the website is complicated and would require special knowledge of web design and programming. Then Dwayne discovered that the system is very easy to use and is similar to Microsoft© Word™, with all the familiar tools and interfaces. It is completely online-based and can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet, without any need for special software. The system is also very secure: only authorized personnel can make changes to the website.

The uneasy days were over and Dwayne was happy once again. Techno-funky Gadget’a website became one of the best in the industry, the company was saving a lot of money, and clients loved dealing with Techno-funky Gadgets because the website was appealing and easy to use. Dwayne was praised for the technical innovation, became a well known Internet guru around the office, and finally got the well-deserved promotion to the position of a Webmaster.


Dwayne Wiener - Employee of the Month
November 20, 2012 Dwayne Wiener has been voted Techno-funky Gadgets’s Employee of the Month for December, 2012. Dwayne oversees performance of the company’s new website, and is the mastermind behind its execution. The new website, developed by Intechnic Corporation, has an improved functionality, is easy to maintain, and it didn’t break Techno-funky Gadgets’s bank! Dwayne Wiener’s accomplishment is projected to cut costs by 40%, and to increase revenues by 20% from current levels – an unprecedented improvement from a single implementation.
New Website for Techno-funky Gadgets
October 15, 2012 Techno-funky Gadgets is proud to announce the launch of its new website, dedicated to providing clients with an online resource for innovative and affordable products and services for anyone who needs them. It is intuitively structured, and is easy to navigate. The site is based on Intechnic’s state-of-the-art Content Management System. It allows administrators at Techno-funky Gadgets to maintain the contents and the structure of the website in-house, without using any help from web designers. Regularly updated, the new Techno-funky Gadgets website is worthy of bookmarking for regular visits by anyone needing anything!


In-Portal’s Administrative Console is Dwayne’s little secret. It allows him to update the company’s website from any computer with Internet access while he relaxes in his home or office, with a beer in hand, or with a cucumber mask on his face!

Administrative Console